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Commission Information

Terms of Service


I also have notes open here and on FA

Terms of Service


I take full payment up front unless the total amount is particularly large. In this case, I am willing to accept payment per stage. We just need to discuss it before the commission begins.

I take paypal (preferred), money orders, and well-concealed cash. I am not responsible for any incoming payments lost in the mail.


IF the work is full color, I will do one revision on the sketch for free. After that, further revisions will cost an amount based on the work requested. If the sketch is the finished product it comes as is. (I am willing to talk to customers about this if anything comes up so please talk to me if there are any problems and we can discuss changes.)

You must request revisions during the sketch stage. I will not make changes that should have been made to the sketch after inking or coloring.

I will do minor revisions for sketch commissions and icons once they have been finished.

For sketches and small work such as icons, I will finish the work without any preview. For color badges, inks, and larger work, I will submit a sketch to be approved before moving on to the next stage.


I am willing to accept due dates, provided the commissioner gives me adequate time to work. I otherwise work without deadlines.

What I am willing to draw:

Anything PG-PG13 is game. Anything upward of that will be accepted on a case by case basis. If you're not sure, just note me.

Copyright and ownership:

I retain the copyright to the image. This means that I, and only I, can make reproductions, sell prints, make revisions, and upload the image to any galleries that I may choose. An individual can buy the copyright for an additional price.

The commissioner retains rights to the characters depicted in the image. This means that while I am able to reproduce or alter the specific work, I am not allowed to use the characters in any future work without the commissioner's permission.

The commissioner owns the physical object (if the commission is real media) and can do whatever they want to that physical object (alter it, draw on it, step on it, etc.) however the image itself is protected under the artist's copyright and therefore cannot be uploaded, reproduced, or redistributed without the artist's permission. If you want to change the image in some way and display it on the internet, send me a note and ask. Probably I will say yes.

In most cases, I will give the commissioner permission to upload the image to their online galleries, use it for icons, etc. Exceptions will be discussed before the commissioning process begins.

Should the commissioning process turn south:

I retain the right to refuse a commission for any reason.

If, for whatever reason, I cannot finish the commission, the commissioner will receive a full refund.

If the commissioner should call off the commission I will refund them the unfinished portion and they will receive their work in whatever state it may be in. I retain the right to refuse giving a full refund after I have done work.

If you have any questions, send me a note!
Appacorn by HereThereBeSculpture

I received it a few days ago but I've been busy with work, babysitting my Patreon, and being frazzled in between :D   It's so awesome. I love the eyes especially. And the jaw shape. It's going to live up on my computer tower with my cat and butt dragon. 

The artist is :iconheretherebesculpture:  She lives near my old hometown. She wanted to make a sculpture version of Appacorn by hibbary and I thought, how cool is that! She shipped me the original and I'm astounded that it arrived unbroken. That is some primo packing. She'd be great for MLP commissions I think. 


Commissions are closed

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