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March 7, 2004
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Me an' Night by hibbary Me an' Night by hibbary
My friend Nightheron has been buggin me for a picca from me for a looooooooong time. Night is one of the only people who will put up with all my various moods and he's always willing to come and chat with me (even though I haven't seen him on lately O.o;;; ) Plus he finds me music and all kinds of things. So here it be fanart for him!-- Nightheron (the blue winged lion) And me (The little Lynxy) my furself! YAY! I did it in pens and watercolor, and i fear the paper wrinkled a little bit and try as I might, I couldn't fix it so you'll just have to... uh... overlook it I guess. I hope you likey, nighta. Oh, and you can visit his archive at :iconnightheron: ^_^
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awww! that is adorable! AND great!

I have a spotted fursona myself! ^^

Tho i am a horse. Might switch to a lynx or lion tho soon...
Silvermare Jun 28, 2004  Hobbyist General Artist
How sweet! I love how playful it is!

Friends forever.

I like your unique take on the lion's mane. Very cool. I must see the rest of your gallery now.
Okay okay.. my turn..
WOAH it's so cool.... ya have an arwsome way to draw.... and I LOVE it.... love your LIONS... oh, sweet sweet lions... love'em...
oh, sorry.. back to the drawing..... WUNDERFUL colors.... I mean......... and their attitudes!! woah... it's so great.. i'm overweld...!!
LOVLEY drawing!!!
I adore your watercolor works...
Erk, ya changed yer colors!
hibbary Apr 7, 2004  Professional General Artist
oh! Yesh, I get different colors in tha winter, ya know? Cuz the lynxy gets her winter coat. I'm white and grey in winter and brown in summer. ^_^
I want different colors in the winter...
but.. what would it be? XD lighter grey?
hibbary Apr 8, 2004  Professional General Artist
merm, it could be... but since you are blue it could be a yummy, lovely slatey grey. Mmm, how neat! And you could do a nice fade down to your lighter parts. You should give it a go. ^_^ And then, when you are changing coats in the fall and spring, you get your darker and lighter color in different places. Much possibility for very cool design.
anuvia Mar 19, 2004  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hibbary! *glomps* some tlk fanart! I havn't been able to get to tlk, and this is such a sight for deprived eyes ^_^ I love your tlk artwork *drool* Oh! and I love the Hibb fursona XD! *huggle* now I am inspired to draw the hibbs in all the lynx-ish glory XD!
once again a piece of artwork you go keep drawing!!!
Shadowmanic Mar 12, 2004  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
aww a Lynx those are my favorite animals so cute I love it
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